Why Coaches?

Jesus sets captives free...

Where the world sees a broken or useless person, Jesus sees someone worth dying for. He sees amazing potential underneath those chains.

Addictions, lies, shame, and hate can all be broken when we give our lives to Jesus.

...and gives them gifts...

Jesus gives all of His followers gifts—special grace to be able to show a piece of God.

For instance, Keith loves bikes. He and a few friends went down to the skating park. Keith and a buddy did bike tricks with the youth there while another friend grilled hot dogs to give out. A mom said, “The guys from Maywood who came to the skate park made my son feel so special—and no one does that!”

...to form His body.

When a people start following Jesus and using their gifts together, something spectacular begins. As the Holy Spirit works through them they become the body of Jesus: called to fully express God's presence in a community.


How do people find their gifts?

Develop their gifts? 

Fit them together with different people?

Jesus gave another gift to the church:

Leaders. Jesus calls these leaders to help His people find their gifts, develop them, and team up with others.

Leaders aren't the star players, they're the coaches.

This vision is so important to Maywood that we call our pastors coaches.

Coach Jake

Coach Wayne

Coach Bob