Important: For first time users of the Access ACS online giving system. If you have never logged in before, click the above "Give Online" link, and on the next page click on
"Need a login – Click here" to create an account before submitting your gift.


How does it work? Our online giving form will guide you through three easy steps:

Step 1. Your personal information

In order to establish your online giving plan, we need to gather some basic information about you. All of this information will be secured. You may want to take a moment to review information concerning site security.

Step 2. Your Gift

You will determine the frequency and amount of your tithes and offerings to the ministry of Maywood. The gift or amount can be changed or adjusted at anytime.

Step 3. Your Account Information

You will be asked to enter your checking account information. You will continue to receive your annual statement of contributions as you have in the past. Your online contributions appear in this statement.

What are the benefits to online giving?

You can prioritize giving in your budget. The Bible indicates giving is to be a "first" and not a last of leftover matter in my life. Read Proverbs 3:9-10. It is easy to let our standards and intentions be compromised by the press of expenses and billing cycles.

You can increase your faithfulness. Have you ever forgotten your gift, left it at home or pledged to double it in the future? Have you had times where you have fallen behind because of travel and other schedule interruptions? Online giving provides a way to strengthen your faithfulness.

You can help your church. Through online giving, you expedite your gift, simplify our accounting, and strengthen our base of regular support.

You can encourage faith and faithfulness in the lives of fellow believers. As you plan and prioritize your giving, you will lead the way for others to grow and mature in their spiritual stewardship. Being a forerunner in this new area of planned giving, you can provide personal testimony and example for others to follow.


Frequently Asked Questions about Online Giving:

Q: Who should give online?
A: Anyone who is looking for a simpler way to assure their giving. Anyone who would like to give to the ministry of Maywood either one time or on a recurring basis.

Q: Is online giving secure?
A: Yes it is! See our page about security, where we describe the features of 128 bit encryption.

Q: When are gifts processed?
A: Transactions do not occur immediately but are triggered manually by the church treasurer at certain specified times each month. You decide the dates(s) your gift will be available for processing when you fill out the e-offering form.

Q: What if I'm not a Maywood member, but I want to make a donation? How would I be able to get a statement for tax purposes?
A: We are happy to receive your gift, above and beyone your normal giving to your own church home. Online giving is a perfect way for you to give. All givers receive a contribution statement regardless of membership status, assuming we have all of their correct address information.

Q: What if I want to cancel or change my online giving?
A: No problem, just resubmit the giving form online again. There is a question on the form which asks you if this request is NEW or is a CHANGE to your existing recurring giving already on file. If you have any questions, contact the church office at (816.254.3344) or

Q: Will my online gifts be included on my Statement of Contributions?
A: Yes, they will be included.

Q: Can I view my past giving history online?
A: At this time, your past annual giving history is not available online. You will continue to receive your Statement of Contributions as in the past, and these gifts will be included on that statement. However, you may request a current statement at anytime through the church office at (816.254.3344) or

Q: How can I get a receipt of my online gift?
A: You may print out your confirmation screen as your receit, or you may also print out the confirmation email which is sent to you. Either is considered a valid receipt. But remember, your gift WILL appear on your regular statement of contributions as well!

Q: What about my offering envelopes?
A: Envelopes are provided annually to Maywood members to assist in establishing faithful patterns of giving and providing records of gifts. If you choose online giving, you may still use your envelope to return during a service of worship as a testimony and reminder of your faith and faithfulness to God. Simply write "online gift" on the outside of the envelope. This will signal our accounting office and yet provide a way for you, if you so desire, to participate during services of worship. The key is not how we give – giving can be done in a variety of ways today – but rather, Who (How many of us?), What (Am I faithful?), and Why (Am I obedient and thankful for all God has done for me?).

Q: My question is not listed here, now what?
A: Please email questions to or call us at 816.254.3344