Welcome to the Maywood Baptist Church Website!

We are happy that you have paid a visit to our website. Here’s what you will find here.

The mission of Maywood Baptist Church is to go deeper and further with Jesus.

As we go deeper, we help people experience God’s grace and discover the joy of being one of Jesus’ apprentices.  As a student, follower or apprentice of Jesus, we are given the magnificent opportunity to live in a transforming friendship-relationship with Him.  The tabs at the top of the page will highlight opportunities to go deeper with Jesus.

Going further with Jesus and joining His mission of love and grace to our community is another aspect of our mission.  The “Community” tab will highlight ways that Maywood people go further in the joyful mission of sharing God’s love with others.

Beyond this, we have driving directions to the church, times for various activities, and pictures.  We hope the pictures and text will tell the story of what you can expect when you come to Maywood Baptist Church.