Maywood members seek to join and assist the community in projects that are important to our area. We believe that the church, not just Maywood but the entire body of Christ, is the largest workforce in our area. When we work together, we can accomplish God-sized projects.

The largest victory that western Independence has won in the past 50 years was the transfer of six schools from the Kansas City Missouri School District into the Independence School District. A book, Inspiring Greatness - A Community’s Commitment to a Brighter Future, has been written about this historic event. Maywood Baptist’s members played a significant role in the boundary change as a commitment to being good neighbors to the families of our area.

Extreme School Makeover and Project Shine

Maywood members also helped in the Extreme School Makeover (2008) and Project Shine each year to present.

Both the Extreme School Makeover and Project Shine are magnificent community building events that join churches, business, labor, and neighbors in doing more together than we could ever imagine doing separately.

Adult Education

The Independence School District uses our building to provide Adult Education in our building. We have seen amazing success among students who benefit from a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) and learning English as a second language.

Classes meet on the first floor of our building when school is in session. For more information, contact the Adult Education Department of the ISD at (816) 521-5507


Inspire is an organization that provides volunteer opportunities in the schools.

Twenty of our members serve with Inspire in one capacity or another. We focus our attention on Korte Elementary School. Some of our members also serve at Fairmount Elementary. The philosophy we share with the school district is that we serve the same children and families. It makes sense that we join our efforts when we can.

Twelve Blocks West

Twelve Blocks West is an initiative that seeks to bring about a cooperative effort to take what is already good in western Independence and make it better. It focuses on a host of efforts that includes home ownership, block watches, homeowner education, intentional neighboring, community development and more. Through Twelve Blocks West, many Maywood members serve a role in making western Independence a great place to live, work, play and worship.