In today’s world, adults are asking:  “Where is my life going?  Is there more to life than I’m getting?  The world offers many answers.  God offers the best!

Sunday Morning

You are invited to join one of our open Bible discussion groups on any Sunday morning.  We are not meant to face the struggles and pain in the world alone.  These groups will assist you in learning and hearing what God says in His Word.

The groups are informal in that adults sit around tables, have coffee and snacks, and participate in the discussion as one chooses.  Sometimes we learn just by listening as others discuss.

Most of the groups are coed and open for any age. A few are for a focused group, which you will see noted. Click here to get a listing of the groups.

Discipleship Focus Groups

We offer another ministry that has become beneficial to assisting adults in their personal growth as a Christian.  They meet at various times during the week.  Most of them meet at the church, but they can also meet in homes and/or restaurants, etc.  These groups focus upon the basics of growing a firm foundation based upon Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in being a participant in a group, complete the blue communication card in the pew pockets, place it in the offering tray, and it will be delivered to the right person who will contact you.


Women’s Ministries

The opportunities for women include an annual retreat away from the church, a quarterly luncheon type of event, and specialty small groups and one-on-one discipleship.