Servant Superstars

Every Sunday morning Coach Jake says something like this: “Hi, I am Jake Taylor and I am one of the coaches at Maywood Baptist Church.  We call ourselves coaches, because the superstars of the church are you – the people of Maywood.”  Often Coach Jake names people and says they do what only they can do.

During the week, I find Maywood people doing just what Coach Jake says:

*Johnny Lara stops his truck on the side of I-70 because God tells to pray.

*Mike Hempel gives a ride to a man who is in his mandatory class.  On Sunday, he brings him to church.

*A man (who would prefer that I not mention his name) gives an offering that will provide new blinds in the Fellowship Hall.

*Twenty-nine people sign up to serve as leaders for Preschool Worship.

*Ken Short, Chris Burns and Mike Hempel clear the sidewalks of snow on Sunday morning.

*Earl Williamson has the flu, but comes to church on Saturday to make sure our rooms are warm.

This is a short list of unpaid servants, who comprise the team that serves western Independence and beyond.  They, plus many more, are winning the day for our Savior and His Kingdom.      – Coach Bob

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