Christmas/New Year’s Eve

Christmas Greetings

Christmas is a time of thanksgiving and reflection.  Jake Taylor highlighted in his sermon last week that when God looks at us, his primary emphasis is on the place Jesus holds in our life.  That was a profound truth!  We are abundantly grateful to God for loving us and for drawing us into a life-changing relationship with him.

We are also grateful for the team that God has given us at Maywood.  We call our pastoral staff, “coaches,” because we coach the team.  Each team member has a role to play that only they can perform.  As I reflect on 2017, I thank God for every team member who has played his or her role responsibly and lovingly.

New Year’s Eve Party

This year, we will have a New Year’s Eve party that will involve food and fun in a sober environment.  We will also pray in 2018.

The party begins at 8:00PM and continues until a little after midnight.

Bring some snacks or soft drinks.  The church will provide El Sombrero Mexican food, too.

-Coach Bob

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