Maywood Thanksgiving 2017

On Thanksgiving day, Maywood had a dinner in the Youth Chapel for people who didn’t have a Thanksgiving dinner to go to.  Maywood also had another dinner on Saturday, November 25th, for the homeless and those who did not have a Thanksgiving dinner to go to.  Between the 2 dinners, we served approximately 120 meals and many people went home with lots of yummy leftovers.  We also had enough leftovers to send over to Maple House.

Huge thanks to everyone who donated turkeys, hams, sides and desserts.  Thanks to all who served in the kitchen all day too.  We received several food donations from Immanuel Baptist Church in Independence for our Saturday dinner.  Some of our kitchen volunteers were from other churches also.  We had volunteers from Sheffield Church in Kansas City, Heart of God Fellowship in Buckner, and Immanuel Baptist Church in Independence.

It was 2 days filled with blessings, family, fellowship, good food, and Jesus.  We hope to make the dinner on the Saturday after Thanksgiving an annual event at Maywood.  Thank you to all who made these events happen and for always being the Hands and Feet of Jesus which is what we (the people/church) are called to do, both inside and outside the walls of our building.

Enjoy these pictures that were taken at the 2 dinners.  God bless!

– Dawn Stoner

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