Enjoy a Budget Meeting?

I know most people hate budgeting.  They see it as constraining and painful.  But from a young age I always saw budgeting as an exciting tool to help me get great things.  I can remember when my parents started giving me $2.00 a day for lunch at school.  I experimented around with lots of different ways to spend that money, but eventually settled into getting nachos with cheese and a drink.  I’d have 10 cents left over each day…and that meant every seventh school day I could add an ice cream to my well-balanced meal!

That’s the type of kid I was.  I crunched numbers and found thrifty ways to reach beyond my daily limits.

As head coach at Maywood I have a chance to lead our budget meetings.  Last night we had one and it centered on hearing from many of our key ministry leaders (most of them incredible volunteers) as they presented proposals for how they would like to use funds this next year.  Everyone, in their own way, was shooting for fulfilling our vision passages of Matthew 28:18-20 and Ephesians 4:7-13.

It was wonderful to see the team of leaders we have at Maywood, creatively looking for ways to develop people to obey Jesus and use their gifts for Him.

And I got that same feeling good budgeting can give…the feeling of possibilities.  Budgeting, like all things we give to Jesus, can become a beautiful thing that unlocks more and better life.

I’m blessed to be at Maywood, where we aren’t striving for sugar overloads every-other-week.  We’re striving to fulfill the mission Jesus has given us here in our neighborhood!

-Coach Jake


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