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I want to update you on our ministry.  We have been getting ready to start up our own homeless outreach ministry for several months.  We finally got Hands and Feet of Jesus KC up and running at the beginning of October.  To start the month off, we were greatly blessed with the donation of a brand new bigger trailer.  This trailer is about double the size of our old one.  Now we have even more storage space for donations, and we can carry many more supplies with us when we go out to serve.  I have included a picture of our new trailer next to our old one so you can see the difference.  This was something we constantly prayed for and our prayers were answered.  We are so blessed with the new trailer, and we can bless so many more beloved houseless friends.

Our primary focus is going to be the city of Independence.  The city of Kansas City has many organizations that already provide assistance and resources for people.  We want to serve where our church home is.  We also want to serve underserved areas and Independence is definitely in great need and underserved.

We have ventured out and served in Independence several times now and have met many new people and have started building relationships with them. Yes, we provide clothing, food, toiletries, etc., but we want to also build relationships and share the word of God with people.  We always pray with people that we meet and also invite them to our church.  We went out to serve in Independence last Saturday and on my way to church Sunday I saw two people that we just met the day before.  I was able to pull over and talk with them, since I knew their names and was able to offer to take them to church.  This outreach allows us to get to know these people on our city’s streets who feel like they are invisible.  We learn their names and get to know their stories and get to know them as a person.  We are building friendships/relationships.

We have started up a Facebook page called Hands and Feet of Jesus KC and we have reached out and talked to the city’s police department and Community Service League.  We are introducing our ministry to the cities we are serving so that they know what we are doing and how we can help.  We also want to help the city, so we talk to the organizations to see if they need us to do anything on our part.  Example is we have talked to camps about being more vigilante about picking up their trash.

We have several scriptures that drive us. One being Proverbs 31:8-9 which reads:

“Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves.  Help people who are in trouble.  Stand up for what you know is right, and judge all people fairly. Protect the rights of the poor and those that need help.”

It is amazing once we start building these relationships, how much we find we can actually relate to our beloved homeless friends.  I feel like people see them as being different or scary.  We have met some of the nicest people who also happen to be some of the most damaged and broken people that we have ever met.  It is our mission to not just give them clothes or food, but to give them hope through the word of God.  We also want them to know they are not alone and that they are loved.  We love them!  We care about them!  We consider them our friends.  We want to lift up and encourage.  We could all use that, right?  People not having a home to live in are no different.

We recently watched the new movie Same Kind of Different As Me that tells the story of a great friendship between a man, his family and a homeless man named Denver Moore.  I want to share a quote that Denver Moore said:

“I found out everybody’s different-the same kind of different as me.  We are all just regular folks walking down the road God done set in front of us.  The truth about it is, whether we is rich or poor or something in between, this Earth ain’t no final resting place.  So in a way, we is all homeless-just working our way toward home.”

I have included some pictures of the new trailer next to the old one and pictures of people we have served so far in Independence.  We appreciate everyone’s support. We are really needing to stock up for Winter so we are in great need of thermal underwear, socks, hand warmers, and sleeping bags.

Thank you to everyone that prays for our ministry and all of the new friends that we meet.  Please follow us on our Facebook page, Hands and Feet of Jesus KC.

– Dawn Stoner

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