Prayer For The Neighborhood


Driving to and from Maywood, or to our homes within the neighborhoods around Maywood, we pass hundreds of homes and businesses of which we may hardly take notice.  They are simply a part of the scenery along our various routes in and out of the Maywood area.

Living in a majority of these homes are people who desperately need Jesus and the new life only He can give.  As recipients of that new life, we who make our way past these homes and businesses on our way to Maywood can appreciate that desperation in the lives of so many people and need for the life that Jesus gives.

Here’s a thought.  What if we were to begin praying for those who live in these homes and work in these businesses as we drive past.  Pray that in their desperation they will come to see it as a desperation for God and also that God will provide opportunities for us to assist them in finding new life in Christ.

As you begin to pray for those living in the area around Maywood, maybe you will feel led to go a step further and walk some of the streets around Maywood praying as you go.  Who knows what God might do in answer to the prayers of His people on behalf of those who desperately need Him?


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