Citywide Clean Up Report

Last Saturday, about 40 Maywood people (kids, teenagers and adults) met at the church then joined with other Community Members to clean up trash for the Independence Citywide Clean Up Day.

Maywood started at the Stone Arch Bridge on Truman Rd and worked their way east.  Men from Maple House started at their end of Truman Rd and worked their way west.  All picked up trash as they went.  Truman Rd looks better because they gave of their time and energy.  Thank you to everyone who came out!

Enrique Ortiz who headed up the group at Maywood shared these thoughts:

“Reflecting back to the weekend hanging with everyone from Maywood and Maple House, it still amazes me how involved my family of folks get when we have work to be done here in Independence. Thank you to all of you, not just people who gave rides and passed out drinks and snacks, but to the whole crew who made it fun doing service work in our community.  I hope you all are ready for more, because we are going to do more for our neighborhood in the near future.  It is fun to serve, and even more fun to serve with all of you.  I thank you again, but can’t thank you enough.”                 – Enrique Ortiz


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